The Tubeless Road Kit is the Vittoria all-in-one package for the best experience on your tubeless tires. The kit contains two Air-Liner Road inserts, one Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant bottle and the Road Tubeless Tool-kit – pliers and clips for easy tubeless tire removal.

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Vittoria Air Liner – the incomparable protection

Air-Liner is an insert for tubeless-ready tires. Re-usable and very easy to install – as easy as mounting an inner tube on your tire – Air-Liner it is compatible with tubeless-ready tires only and with 3-way valves (in the packaging, 5-way valves are provided for ultimate airflow). The insert can be used with sealant – preferably without ammonia.

Tire insert features

  • Air-Liner increases control, durability, performance, and protection of both tire and wheel.
  • More grip, in both climbing and descent.
  • Enhanced rim protection.
  • Allows for lower tyre pressures.
  • Prevents burping effect.
  • Prevents bead breaking.
  • Absorbs high-frequence vibrations. Comfort increased.
  • Diameter:
    S – 18 mm (Real weight 46 g, the pair without valves).
    M – 20 mm (Real weight 48 g, the pair without valves).
    L – 22 mm (Real weight 60 g, the pair without valves).

Sealant features

  • Fast action on road and mtb tires
  • No ammonia
  • Seals punctures up to 7mm instantly

Tire assembly pliers features

  • Made of a light and resistant plastic.
  • Ergonomic handle for greater comfort.


  • x2 Vittoria Air Liner tubeless tire protection.
  • x2 Tubeless valves.
  • Vittoria Universal Tubeless Tire sealant.
  • Tire assembly pliers.
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Air-Liner Road Size Tire Range Size Recommended Tire Rim Inner Width
S 700×23/26 mm 25 mm Max 21 mm
M 700×27/29 mm 28 mm Max 23 mm
L 700×30/32 mm 30 mm Max 26 mm